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Your Tax Dollars and Fiscal Responsibility to it Residents

The current city council has shown reckless disregard for our city's budget.

  • The tax levy in 2018 was $58 million and is projected at $81.6 million in 2024. 
  • That is a tax increase of over 18% in two years. 
  • Since 2018 the Property Tax levy has increased over 40% (Based on inflation the increase should have been 21%)

You'd think that our City has been growing, but that is not the case.

  • In 2020 our population was 89,000
  • In 2022, two years later, population count was 87,000.

Fewer people but more staffing expenditures.

If the City is going to spend money, it should be spent on needs, not the next shiny object.  Needs like improving Creekside Community Center,  our roads and bridges, opportunities for neighborhood revitalization,  our existing parks for use etc.  

Fair and Responsible Taxation

Ballot Question #1SALES AND USE TAX FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER - $101.8 million  +.5% sales tax

  • The City of Bloomington does not need a Health and Wellness Center for $100 million when we have two Activity Centers, one at each High School currently being underutilized. Partner with Bloomington Schools to maximize use. 
  • The Senior Center is a need in Bloomington but should cost no more than $15 million. The existing public health building is fine just the way it is.

Ballot Question #2: SALES AND USE TAX FOR BLOOMINGTON ICE GARDEN IMPROVEMENTS - $37.2 million   +.5% sales tax

  • Where did the profits from BIG go these past 20 years? Ice is a high demand, very profitable business in surrounding communities. Either the money was spent on other things or if BIG lost money, I would investigate mismanagement on the city's part.
  • Not all of the funds are for maintenance.  Do we really need the vanity items desired?
  • The same holds true for Dwan Golf Course which was one of the original sales tax projects. Where are the profits to reinvest in the course?
    Hyland Golf Course lost money when run by the City of Bloomington yet Three Rivers has made a profit since they took over management.

Ballot Question #3: SALES AND USE TAX FOR NINE MILE CREEK CORRIDOR RENEWAL - $20 million    +.5% sales tax

  • New Shelter and restrooms are needed, but not for $20 million.

The Bottom Line:  Revenue is not the problem, spending is.

  • The City has spent $40,000 on selling to the voters, the need for their sales tax proposals above.
  • Maybe we should be reducing the $159 million and possibly some of the $130 million in the Bloomington Port Authority's possession instead of increasing taxes which are already reaching 9.5% in 2024.
  • The City Manager and a Council person were on the Artistry Board while this civic group funded by taxpayer dollars lost over $900,000.

It's time to step back and take a long look at spending before we ask the residents of Bloomington to take on the burden for $159 million more in spending and increased taxes.

Public Safety

First Responders

Paul supports our highly regarded Police Department who have had to endure increased crime in Bloomington because of the permissiveness in Minneapolis and surrounding communities.  Paul has been grateful for the past recognition and support of the Minnesota Police and Police Officers Association. 

Paul also supports the best volunteer Fire Department in the state of Minnesota who also are our first responders, putting themselves in harm's way to protect Bloomington residents every day.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the most recent FBI statistics released for Bloomington for 2021, Bloomington was only 6% safer than all of the US Cities (down from 2019 at 8%) .  In 2021 38 out of every 1000 could expect to suffer some sort of crime. 35 (down 2 from 2019) - property crime and 3 - violent crime.  Compared to all of Minnesota, Bloomington residents have a higher chance of suffering these crimes. Check out your zipcode  Property Crimes are high in Bloomington. 256 Burglaries, 2,583 thefts and 302 motor vehicle thefts.

2021  Bloomington had 1 murder, 41 rapes, 81 robberies and 154 assaults. Both murders and rapes were down slightly from 2019 but the number of assaults skyrocketed.   In 2023, neighborhood crime thefts are an almost everyday occurrence, road rage and random  shootings through peaceful neighborhood streets are happening,  and violent murders in broad daylight are what out BPD must fight lately.  Let's not handcuff our safety net but enhance it in the areas it requires for a safer Bloomington and to discourage criminals from coming into our city.  To date the current council has done nothing to ensure resident safety with the exception of hiring a fantastic police chief.  

Small Business Opportunities
Small Business & Jobs

Small business in Bloomington is "regulated" out of our city.  This reduces the job opportunities in the city for many.  As a small business owner for many years, Paul understands what it means to operate in Bloomington.  

We are lucky to live in a country full of possibilities and opportunities for whoever wants to go after them. As a small business owner, Paul wants Bloomington to get back to less regulation for full potential for all businesses in Bloomington.  The City should never be a competitor to its businesses and they have no business interfering with HR policies in Bloomington businesses.

Paul at Friendship Village
Paul at Friendship Village helping Seniors navigate confusing Ranked-Choice Voting
Free & Fair Elections

Paul advocates for one person, one vote.  He believes in returning to the integrity of a Primary and General Election for Bloomington Municipal elections. He is against Ranked-choice Voting for local elections while also using the Primary and General Elections for Federal and State elections in even numbered years.

Paul is against "outside money-influence" into our voting system without the knowledge and full buy-in of Bloomington residents.

Free and Fair Elections