A Respected Community Leader on the Issues

Proudly endorsed by two honorable former Bloomington Councilmen, Jack Baloga and Roger Blessum

"Our people and our history are the true backbone of what makes our city special. I want to return common sense to Bloomington city government."     Paul King

First Responders
Public Safety

Paul supports our highly regarded Police Department who have had to endure increased crime in Bloomington because of the permissiveness in Minneapolis and surrounding communities.  Paul is grateful for the recognition of the Minnesota Police and Police Officers Association.

Paul also supports the best volunteer Fire Department in the state if Minnesota who also are our first responders putting themselves in harm's way to protect Bloomington residents every day.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the most recent FBI statistics released for Bloomington for 2019 (2020 not out yet), Bloomington was only 8% safer than all of the US Cities.  In 2019 40 out of every 1000 could expect to suffer some sort of crime. 37 - property crime and 3 - violent crime.  Compared to all of Minnesota, Bloomington residents have a higher chance of suffering these crimes. Check out your zipcode

2019  Bloomington had 3 murders, 54 rapes, 71 robberies and 92 assaults. In 2021, neighborhood crime thefts are an almost everyday occurrence, road rage and random  shootings through peaceful neighborhood streets are happening,  and violent murders in broad daylight are what out BPD must fight.  Let's not handcuff our safety net but enhance it in the areas it requires for a safer Bloomington and to discourage criminals from coming into our city.  To date the current council has done nothing to ensure resident safety.

I had an opportunity to lay out why I'm running for City Council. I believe the management of our city can be so much better, and we can prioritize the people of Bloomington. Let's get back to the basics of public safety, reducing our tax burdens, and focusing on good jobs/small businesses.
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Your Tax Dollars and Fiscal Responsibility to its Residents

The current city council has shown reckless disregard for our city's budget. Over the last 10 years,  Bloomington's budget has increased from $38 million to $55 million which is a 41% increase.  With city services, such as the DMV being closed (which virtually was a break even proposition and extremely inconvenient), Creekside opening with limited services and a park system in disarray (Moir Park stairway,  Valley View park deterioration etc.)  how has this city spent its money and what is planned for your levy?

Paul is against building an $85 million dollar Community Center, especially at Valley View when he was instrumental in planning both the Jefferson and Kennedy Activity Centers and knows what they offer. 

Closing the DMV was not a cost savings.  In fact, had the City worked a little harder it could have made money had Bloomington courted the business of it's own vast car dealership business. 

If the City is going to spend money, it should be spend on needs,  like improving Creekside Community Center, improving our roads and bridges, opportunities for neighborhood revitalization etc. , improving our existing parks for use.  

Small Business Opportunities
Small Business & Jobs

Small business in Bloomington is "regulated" out of our city.  This reduces the job opportunities in the city for many.  As a small business owner for many years, Paul understands what it means to operate in Bloomington.

We are lucky to live in a country full of possibilities and opportunities for whoever wants to go after them. As a small business owner, Paul wants Bloomington to get back to less regulation for full potential for all businesses in Bloomington.  The City should never be a competitor to its businesses and they have no business interfering with HR policies in Bloomington businesses.

Paul at Friendship Village
Paul at Friendship Village helping Seniors navigate confusing Ranked-Choice Voting
Free & Fair Elections

Paul advocates for one person, one vote.  He believes in returning to the integrity of a Primary and General Election for Bloomington Municipal elections. He is against Ranked-choice Voting for local elections while also using the Primary and General Elections for Federal and State elections in even numbered years.

Paul is against "outside money-influence" into our voting system without the knowledge and full buy-in of Bloomington residents.

Free and Fair Elections